ACL flouroscopy

ACL Stem Cell Repair? You might need C-Arm

At the seminar I attended early 2018 on Regenerative Stem Cell therapy, many speakers mentioned that regenerative procedures on extremities (such as ACL Stem Cell Repair) can be preformed using a high quality ultrasound.  C-Arm guy in me however…

Excited to Buy Outdated Electronics? (C-Arm Technology)

When is the last time you walked into an electronic store (or shop online) and thought, I'm so excited to buy a laptop or camera with old technology with minimum warranty because that's exactly what I want?  Probably never!  In fact, I…
remote support

Lifetime and Remote Support

“Lifetime Support and Remote Support” ZEN C-Arm Systems (ZEN-2090P & ZEN-7000) Lifetime and remote support is something unique to ZEN systems.  Some manufactures will charge you to talk and or diagnose a problem with your system when…

Remote access is the way of the future (ZEN-7000)

3rd generation ZEN-7000 (2017+ models) Remote access allows our service team to log onto your system remotely to preform many online tasks. Remote access allows us to preform software updates very quickly and seamlessly to ensure your system…

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