Excited to Buy Outdated Electronics? (C-Arm Technology)

When is the last time you walked into an electronic store (or shop online) and thought, I'm so excited to buy a laptop or camera with old technology with minimum warranty because that's exactly what I want?  Probably never!  In fact, I…
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C-Arm Price Range Guidelines

There are many different models of C-Arms on the market.  If you are starting to look for C-Arms, this article will break down the expected cost for different types of C-Arms.  Don’t worry if you don’t recognize some of the names; I’m…

Battle of z7 vs. 9800 recapped!

Genoray's ZEN-7000 (aka Z7) C-Arm is one of the products that I focus on.  And often times a question is asked about how Z7 compares to popular OEC models.  This C-Arm is manufactured in Korea and being sold in about 15 different countries. …

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