Afford Pain Procedures in Office

Can I Afford Pain Procedures in Office? (or Not to?)

Having in-office procedure is better for everyone.  It provides convenient, complete care for patients & it's better for you because you'll have much better control over your schedule & availability as needed.  (not to mention convenience!) …

Can you find me low cost C-Arm?

Recently looking for a low cost C-Arm seems to be the most popular question from my customers.  Perhaps this is due to economic uncertainty or maybe because of changing insurance reimbursement under obamacare, but going cheap seems to be one…
c-arm price

C-Arm Price Range Guidelines

There are many different models of C-Arms on the market.  If you are starting to look for C-Arms, this article will break down the expected cost for different types of C-Arms.  Don’t worry if you don’t recognize some of the names; I’m…